Archie Mario's Chronicles Issue 3
Publishers:Archie Comics
FirstAppearences:Daisy,ShadowMario, BowserJr., PeteyPiranha,and piranha plants.

Archie Mario's Chronicles Issue 3 is the third issue of the Mario's Chronicles Comic Series

One day Mario was exploring Bowser's Castle with the Freedom Fighters for any kiddnapped Toads or Yoshis.Mario found that Bowser had kiddnapped a princess name Daisy. Mario went to the save but was stopped by Shadow Mario. Mario and ShadowMario began to duel.Bowser attacked the Freedom Fighters and another battle began.The battle raged on and Bowser and ShadowMario left the room.All of a sudden a huge box appeared.Petey Piranha and a bunch of other piranha plants apppeared.Mario jumped towards Petey Piranha and the other freedom fighters fought the piranha plants.After Mario and the gang defeated the monsters they attacked Bowser and ShadowMario.After saving Daisy they found out Shadow Mario was a kid named Bowser Jr.

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