Archie Mario's Chronicles Issue 2
Publishers:Archie Comics

FirstAppearences:Anti Mario,Lugi,Peach,Yoshi,Toad,BlueToad,YellowToad,Bowser,


Bowser's Castle(Bowser's Hospital)

Archie Mario's Chronicles Issue 2 is the second issue of the Mario's Chronicles Comic Series.


One day Mario was walking and he saw a portal open up.Mario went into the portal and saw a Shadow of himself.But he wasn't by a wall.So he started walking towards his shadow and it punched him.Mario and the Mysterious Mario fought.Mario asked for the Shadow's name and it said it was Anti Mario.The battle continued and Mario saw Anti Mario's Freedom Fighters known as the Anti Freedom Fighters.Then the Anti Peach showed up but Mario was saved by Peach and the Freedom Fighters.The Battle continued and Mario and the gang got escaped to Anti Bowser's Hospital.Anti Bowser helped them and opened a portal and escaped back home.

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